Earn Over $89,000 With An Online Graphic Design Degree

There is a huge demand for graphic design in our modern world. With more and more business being done online, there is a greater need for graphics and artwork than ever before. 

online graphic design degree

Who is going to create all of this artwork? The answer: Graphic artists!

And believe it or not, you can actually earn an online graphic design degree without ever visiting a college campus. 

Here is what you need to know. 

How Much Do Graphic Designers Earn?

Do you have a knack for creating awesome computer graphics?

Do you enjoy designing things?

Do you have an eye for colors, photos, special effects, and other types of digital electronic media?

Do you enjoy the idea of designing eye-catching images, editing photos, and company logos?

If so, then you may have a future in graphic design. 

According to the Bureau Of Labor Statistics, the upper 90% of graphic artists earn more than $89,000 per year… with the median wage range in the industry clocking in at just over $52,000 per year. 

The highest-paid graphic designers in the industry earn upwards of $42 per hour

Not too bad, right?

Plus, as a graphic artist, you get to do things you love—like working for exciting businesses in industries that you actually enjoy and believe in. 

What Do Graphic Artists Do?

Graphic artists use digital tools to create visual media elements for advertisements, artistic projects, and more. 

Some graphic artists focus on media, while others focus on entertainment. Others focus on product design, web design, printing, public relations, or manufacturing. 

The great thing about a graphic design career is that it allows you to do the type of work you love

If you’re an artist by nature, and love using software to create visually stunning graphics—then this may be the perfect career path for you. 

This is an especially rewarding career opportunity if you love the idea of working from home.

What Are The Benefits Of Earning An Online Graphic Design Degree?

There are numerous benefits to earning your degree online. 

The primary benefit, however, is that it is usually a lot less expensive than a traditional college degree.

Online classes are also more efficient. 

You don’t need to show up to an actual college campus, sit through classes during business hours, and sink valuable waking hours into your education with an online class. 

Instead, you do the work when it is the most convenient for you—usually at night, and on the weekends. 

And that leads to the next big benefit. Earning an online graphic design degree will not require you to uproot your life, move across the country, and give up your current career. 

Since it can be earned online, you can just work on it in your own time, take it slow, and graduate without needing to up-end your entire life! 

This is especially important if you have a family and don’t want to have to move everyone to a different location just to go to college. 

How To Get Started With An Online Graphic Design Degree

Honestly, the best way to get started with your degree is to just enroll in classes. 

Getting started is half the battle. 

When I first signed up for online classes, I wasn’t sure if it was even going to work. 

But as I went through the program, I acquired skills and knowledge that went on to help me seriously level up my career. 

But—just as every journey begins with a single step, starting your graphic design career also starts by just signing up for online classes. 

Graphic design is an incredibly rewarding career path, and there is a huge demand for the work. 

Don’t skip out on the potential for such an outstanding future by skipping out on the first step.