You won’t believe how much these plumbers earn nowadays

FYI, plumbing is a very big deal.


This career path is so universal because any building, facility, or even mobile machines and vessels that want to have water running in it needs a plumber.

This means that you need a plumber’s touch in every building, airplane, bus, or yacht you walk into and find a drainage system.


The universality of the industry makes it very profitable with a lot of opportunities and different career paths you can follow and become very successful.


A plumber installs, maintains, and repairs pipes and fittings that supply water, gas, chemicals, or any other liquid or waste that needs to pass in homes, businesses, and other facilities.


Don’t be surprised by the many different careers available in this field. There are several ways to become a millionaire plumber.


How Rich Can Plumbers Get

Plumbers are going on yearly vacations, driving the best cars, and practically living the American dream under a paycheck worth hundreds of thousands.


Some plumbers also decide to start their own plumbing business and become millionaires on their profit.


Imagine being the plumber for the richest men and women or the richest businesses in your town? You’d earn a lot of money. Plumbers can charge hourly or flat rates, it depends on you, but some plumbers are known to make thousands of dollars weekly.


This job also involves a lot of overtime. However, this also means more money for you. A good percentage of plumbers are self-employed and can work on their own schedules.


To practice plumbing, you need a license, and to own a plumbing business, you also need a license, so you can add that to your checklist right away and be on your way to becoming the next Charles Mulling of Pimlico plumbers, who is, by the way, the richest plumber in the world.


Finally, plumbers get jobs across cities, and so if you like to travel, this is a good call to do what you love while earning a lot of good cash.

Why You Should Consider a Career in Plumbing

Here goes a myth-buster! All plumbers do is not just fix clogs and pipes. True, fixing clogs and pipes is a part of it, but there is so much more to being a plumber.


Plumping is one of the fastest-growing careers in the economy, with a pregnant employment growth rate of 15% between 2016 and 2026.


Some of the most relevant specialties in plumbing would be industrial plumbing, pipelaying, pipe fitting, fire sprinkler systems, plumber merchant, commercial plumbers, and residential plumbers.


Industrial plumbers work on site sewer lines, industrial grades and fixtures, and so on. These plumbers are known to make a lot of money.


You will also find pipefitters and steamfitters working on power plants and factories. They layout and maintain the piping systems used to carry liquid for the factory’s production, like water and chemicals.


Furthermore, you can choose to be a plumber merchant, i.e., specialize in selling materials used in drainage, fittings including pipes, taps, sinks, and all of that. So you’re like a businessman or woman in the plumbing industry.


As you can see, there are no limitations if you choose to journey on this path. You can start as early as you want or even as late as you want. The richest plumber in the world started learning at the age of 15. Other successful plumbers started within the ages of 25 – 30.


Plumbers also rarely retire because they are satisfied with the money they make daily and the wealth they can amass in the long run.


When a plumber gets to retirement age, he can also start his apprenticeship center and continue earning his cash.


Once there’s drainage, there’s always something for a plumber to do, even when times are slow, and it makes plumbing very lucrative.