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Graphic Designers have become millionaires with NFTs! Would you believe it?

Do you want to get rich? You still have time to start your new career as a Graphic Designer!

The role of the Graphic Designer has changed in the last three years. Graphic Designers are now among the best-paying professionals in the tech scenario thanks to their ability to create rare and unique works of art called NFTs!

Do you know that in the last few years, NFTs have conquered the cryptocurrency market?

Today, a Graphic Designer creating and selling NFTs, unique (digital) works of art, can earn up to $ 2 million with a single NFT. NFT is the acronym for Non Fungible Token: i.e. something unique that cannot be replaced by anything else.

According to the experts, the annual revenue of a Graphic Designer creating and trading NFTs is about $ 20 million.

This is why you should think about starting a career in this particular field

Maybe it’s time for you to start a new path and get a Degree in Graphic Design?

Have you ever thought about attending a Graphic Design course or degree? Here’s why you should think about it!

Do you want to be the next new millionaire? Become a NFT Creator!

Are you ready to buy your first Ferrari?

Should I Become a Graphic Designer and Sell My NFTs?

The answer is YES, of course! 

Graphic Designers creating NTFs make money straight from home. In order to create the NFTs that will make you rich, you will need technical skills but above all creativity and a great business attitude. With this blend of expertises, success is just a shot away.

Could a NFT change my life? Of course, just one NFT could change your life. 

Consider that there are NFTs that have been sold for several hundred million dollars. A third of these amounts would be enough to make you a happy person. 

Do you want to earn royalties from your NFTs and increase your annual income with three extra zeros?

Blockchain technology helps artists and creatives like you to earn money from secondary sales of their creations. This is possible thanks to smart contracts that help artists to keep track of how their works of art are performing. For example, as an artist you can use NFT marketplaces like Foundation, Mint Gold Dust, Nifty Gateway, Ephimera (for photographers and videographers), and Makers Place, among others, to earn royalties.

Why are Graphic Designers’ salaries so high?

As previously indicated, the salaries of Graphic Designers are among the highest in the world of professionals working in the digital marketing sector.

Graphic Designers earn money not just with NFTs  but also thanks to other services. The salaries of Graphic Designers are so high because there is a significant  demand for these professional profiles from companies that nowadays set their communication online mostly, and that is why they need professionals capable of creating ad hoc graphics for advertising campaigns like banners, billboards, packaging models etc.

How to become a Graphic Designer: degrees and professional courses

To become a Graphic Designer, in addition to a great passion and a great predisposition towards aesthetics, it is certainly necessary to join a specific course of study and have been awarded a professional title. 

There are several degree courses, both offline and online, that allow you to get a degree in Graphic Design within 2-3 years, there are also MBAs to get skills in specific areas of advertising graphics such as 3D graphics, and there are also several courses, shorter than proper degrees, that will allow you to get skills you need to work in this sector and producing stunning NFTs. Today, there are several online graphic design training courses that you can evaluate. Each training center has a catalog of online courses to offer.